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Tony Cokes, Fade to Black (1990)

Video Data Bank TV


Tony Cokes Fade to Black, 1990

Tony Cokes
Fade to Black, 1990
Video Data Bank TV, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Video Data Bank TV presents Notes on Black Video: 1987–2001, featuring work from Lawrence Andrews, Thomas Allen Harris, Leah (Franklin) Gilliam, Tony Cokes, and Art Jones. The program acts as a thematic survey of black video work from 1987–2001 highlighting work that demonstrates a practice of early (and continuous) black videomaking that intuitively relies on discursively approaching the mass image and popular culture, structures of meaning/knowledge, and the limitations of perception and what it seeks to render definable and concrete, through the amorphous, fluid perspectives present in the intersectional black American experience.


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